Friday, April 16, 2010

Tuesday in Buenos Aires (by Kelley)

This post is a little late. We have been so busy it has been hard to find time to blog! Tuesday morning we met with a local guide to do a shopping tour. This was a very neat experience. She took us to multiple places that we never would have been able to find. Most of the "shops" were located in people's apartments. The buildings would not have signs and we would think we were walking into someone's home and it would be a store. I was able to find a purse that was handmade of local leather at a manufacturer who sells to very expensive stores. It was less than half the regular retail price. I also bought a pair of "limited edition" shoes. This shoe designer only makes a few pairs of each shoe in limited sizes, so it was a rare find. After the shopping tour, we shopped some more and headed back to the hotel for a nap since dinner was not going to be until late.

This evening we attended a local tango show. Rojo Tango. This show was amazing! This show was designed to resemble the Tango of old. The room was lined with red velvet curtains around the front, the tables covered in red, and red lighting illuminted the dimly lit space. They even pumped in gas from a smoke machine to make it feel like a smoky old bar. There were only about 20 small tables and the feeling was quite intimate. The live band consisted of a piano, string bass, violin and two accordians dressed in white 50's inspired outfits. The tango dancers were incredible. Needless to say, they put anything related to Dancing with the Stars to shame! The tango is a very complicated and fun to watch when done correctly. Unfortunately, no pictures allowed.

The tango show ended late and we decided to head back to the hotel get ready for our early morning the following day!

Buenos Aires

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